132 Traditional Teochew noodle

This is a must have if you are a mee pok lover and you have not tried before. the new helper has horned his skill after 6 months and it tastes just as good (OK not perfect but has definitely earned my heart back)

Noodle is cooked by a helper now, and I must say he has improved tremendously since coming onboard 5-6 months ago. I remembered when I first tried the new helper’s version, the noodle was too moist to be consider as a top mee pok candidate. This time round, I have to say it’s very close to the original version I tried many years ago. Not as good, but close I would say. They also have the time (finally!) to make meat ball. its springy, yet filled with the meat savoury.

Address: 132 Traditional Teochew noodle, 59 Marine Terrace S440059 (7am-4pm, Close every Monday and every third Sunday)

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