Seng Kee Curry Fish Head

This stall is more famous for its “Black Chicken Herbal Soup”, “Pig Kidney Vermicelli”, or my personal favourite “Claypot Sesame Oil Chicken”. It’s also quite popular for its fresh steamed fish. I noticed curry fishhead is also in their menu for a long while, and today I decide to give it a try.

First impression, the curry fish head is not the assam style. It looks more like the nonya style. The curry gravy exudes a strong aroma of “curry leaves” and milk fragrance. I love the curry that I could just drink it as soup! The fish meat is extremely fresh as expected, and there is not even a slight tint of “fishy” taste on the fish skin. If there is any miss, it has to be the lack of spiciness in the curry. This is certainly one of the curry fish head I would strongly recommend!

Address: Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup, 467 Changi Road, S419887

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