Five Little Bear (五只小熊) Taiwanese Local Delights

Despite being famous for food paradise, it’s tough to find a decent stall in Singapore selling Taiwanese local delights. We finally found out, through a friend and his Taiwanese colleague’s strong recommendation, that there’s a street stall in Bugis village that sells very nice Taiwanese street food. I thought we have to try it!

The verdict is as such; If you have not tried any Taiwanese night market food, you must try this. If you craves for one, and does not have the time luxury to fly over to Taipei or Taichung to quency your craving, your prayers has been answered!

The braised pork belly rice, or better known as “Ru Rou Fan” (鲁肉饭) is served with the stewed pork belly meat with the right ratio of fat and lean meat. Together with braised minced pork and fried shallots, over a bowl of steamed fragrance rice, I have to say eating it is a memorable reminisce of those great moments in Taiwan night markets.

The oyster vermecille (蚵仔面) is surprisingly good. I have tried many stalls in some of Singapore pasar malams (Malay for night market)  or roadshow that claims to be promoting Taiwan, and none came close to what I have tasted from 阿忠面线 at XimenDing.  The oyster is fresh and juicy, while the savoury soup is not just starchy like others. There are missing fatty chicken meat which are served in the XimenDing (西门町) outlet, thus, I have to admit it is still no where near to the latter. Nevertheless, I think it is by far the best I have tried in Singapore.

The last but not least is the dessert (八宝冰). I think its generous serving given it just costs me $3. The ice dessert is served with 8 different type of ingredients (thus “8 treasures ice”), namely red bean, coconut jelly, green bean, corn,  peanut, pearl jelly, yam and sweet potato. I actually have not tried this in Taiwan, so this dessert is refreshing for me. I love it although I didn’t find it any more special than our own local “Ice Kachang”.

They also served fried chicken, which is very famous in Taiwan. I did not try this as it will be too much for two of us. If you had that, and think we should give it a try, do let me know!

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Address: 五只小熊台湾小吃. Bugis Food Street (inside Bugis Village)

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